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With the help of our expert teaching staff of tajveed teachers and proficient Quran learning software installed, you will be able to learn the elocution of the Quran at a highly affordable rate. We have developed Online Quran  Teaching user friendly that you have only few step away from us. It is as simple as three clicks away and you will get started. Register now to have 7-days free trials and you will receive special discounts with family packages. We offer both male and female tutors.

Online Quran Teaching

importance of Online Quran Teaching with tajveed

Muslims should be encouraged for Online Quran Teaching to read and learn the Holy Quran on Skype because the complete scripture is in the Arabic language and all Muslims are not Arabic-speaking. In order for them to understand the message of Allah, they must first learn to read and recite with proper pronunciation. A Muslim must be able to read the Koran with the rules of Tajveed so that there is no mistake while reciting as that could alter the meaning of the text and such an act is undesirable. Come and learn with us through our online lessons so you can guide yourself and your children according to the teachings of Islam and be rewarded as well.

We as an academy again come with solution of ISLAMIC EDUCATION. This platform includes where you can read Quran. And also put your learn lessons into actions. Our teachers are well trained enough to give you  knowledge with best technology. We have also have presence in social media platforms like FacebookInstagramtwitter, and one of best blogging websites Medium



Nowadays, most of our family members move overseas like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. in which it turns out to be very difficult to research the Quran because of non-Islamic countries where Islamic education became absolute. Now the solution is to learn Quran online. We as as academy teach our students Quran with online education with a program. A designed program is made up for kids and for adults. So, we are here for huge  cause to educate people about Islam and its sayings.


We as a academy again come with solution of ISLAMIC EDUCATION where you can read Quran and also put your those lesson into actions. We teachers are well trained enough to give you all the knowledge with best technology we have. The Islamic world has also transformed in the modern times and Islam has let in the technological advancements and increased learning as a means of spreading Islam and spreading the message of Truth to a global scale. In this regard the ways that have transformed greatly are the ways of teaching the Quran. Many of us want to learn the Quran from online quran Tutor, to be able to read it with understanding. Also be able to experience that deeper connection with the words of Allah Almighty that people understand the Holy Quran has.

Why Choose us!

One of the major problems we encounter however is finding the suitable Quranic teacher to guide us on this journey. Because as we know, one cannot learn the Holy Quran, Islam, expect from someone who possesses the proper knowledge. So, when you are searching for that online Quran tutor for you, your child, or for anyone else, how do you know what to look for?

In a nutshell we have a knowledge which we want to spread throughout the world. Our tutors have that knowledge by which a person can learn Quran and read Quran with proper pronunciation, punctuation and interpretation. Please contact us and feel free for 7-days trail classes in which you can learn free of cost. We are waiting for your call

Learnings Online Creates a full package for Islamic education in which you can read quranic education with tajveed. Nazra education is with our professional tutors and other courses we offer.

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