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Our Mission for Quran kareem Education

Being a Muslim, you must be well aware of with the significance of the Holy Quran Kareem. It shows how necessary it is to learn it during your life. We as a Muslims rom day one we are taught to read and recite the glorious verses of Quran. So that we can able to recite them with full fluency. Most Muslim online just read the Quran without knowing the meaning behind that Quran verse. Here is where we make the first mistake. Learnings Online came up with solution of this by providing Online Quran education online with proper interpretation.


Understanding the Qur’an and contemplating over its commandments is what entitles us to being considered Muslims. Of course there is a strong worthiness associated with the recitation and an equally valued reward for it as well but reading it with understanding and thought is more than necessary to become spiritually connected with the Lord Allah Almighty


[Surah Al-Anfal; Verse No.2]

“For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord;” 



We as a academy again come with solution of ISLAMIC EDUCATION where you can read Quran and also put your those lesson into actions. We teachers are well trained enough to give you all the knowledge with best technology we have. The Islamic world has also transformed in the modern times and Islam has let in the technological advancements and increased learning as a means of spreading Islam and spreading the message of Truth to a global scale. In this regard the ways that have transformed greatly are the ways of teaching the Quran. Many of us want to learn the Quran from online quran Tutor, to be able to read it with understanding. Also be able to experience that deeper connection with the words of Allah Almighty that people understand the Holy Quran has.

Why Choose us!

One of the major problems we encounter however is finding the suitable Quranic teacher to guide us on this journey. Because as we know, one cannot learn the Holy Quran, Islam, expect from someone who possesses the proper knowledge. So, when you are searching for that online Quran tutor for you, your child, or for anyone else, how do you know what to look for?

In a nutshell we have a knowledge which we want to spread throughout the world. Our tutors have that knowledge by which a person can learn Quran and read Quran with proper pronunciation, punctuation and interpretation. Please contact us and feel free for 7-days trail classes in which you can learn free of cost. We are waiting for your call

Learnings Online Creates a full package for Islamic education in which you can read quranic education with tajveed. Nazra education is with our professional tutors and other courses we offer.

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